LCE Daycare

Registration Forms


Registration Fee (Per Child)   $25.00

Weekly Rates:                                                 1 child       $55.00

      Each additional Child $50.00

Late Fee                                                     $20.00


From school dismissal until 5:45 PM. A $15.00 late fee will be imposed for each child on each occasion that your child is picked up after 5:45 PM. If you are unable to pick-up your child before 5:45 PM, please make arrangements for someone else to pick up your child.


Activities include a time to complete homework, snacks, arts & crafts, sports, games and special events.


No program will be offered on the following days (Please see our school calendar for dates):

After School Care Program Guidelines

1. PROGRAM: The after school day acre program uses a variety of activities to enhance your child's development. Activities include snack time, organized playground games, supervised homework time, educational games, and arts and crafts are planned to make your child's time in our program truly beneficial.

2. STAFF: Each school has a site manager who is responsible for the implementation of the program and supervision of recreational leaders and who will work directly with your child.

3. ILLNESS/ACCIDENTS: If a student becomes ill or requires medical attention the parent/guardian or emergency contact person will be contacted. Make sure the phone numbers lited on the registration form are working numbers. If a number changes, contact the daycare. If the staff is unable to contact any of the above and the situation renders, they will attain appropriate medical attention. Any financial obligation is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.

4. REGISTRATION: The $10.00 registration fee is required to complete registration. This registration fee must be paid when your child's enrollment form is turned in.

5. FEES: Program fees are to be paid by Friday of each week. All accounts for daycare have to be paid every week. If daycare if not paid on Friday or by Monday, your student will not be allowed to attend daycare that week until the daycare fee is paid in full. Pre-payment is expected on Friday for the next week, but no later than Monday. There are no daily rates.

*NON-SUFFICIENT FUNDS/RETURNED CHECKS*: If for any reason a check is returned to us, it will not be re-deposited. We will ask that you bring cash for the amount of the check plus a $5.00 service charge. Should this happen more than once, we will ask that all payments be made in cash.

6. RELEASE OF CHILDREN: The welfare of your child is our main concern. Therefore, no child will be released for departure to a person not authorized in writing by custodial parent/guardian and on file with the program. Persons not known to staff will be asked to show identification.

7. PICK UP PROCEDURES: Children may be picked up any time prior to 5:45 PM but NO LATER than 5:45 PM. Come to the front office and sign out the student and the daycare staff will call the student to the office. No student will be released to any individual coming to the cafeteria to pick them up. This procedure is for the safety and security of our students. We appreciate your support in following this procedure!

8. EXTRA CLOTHING: We understand that Kindergarten is a big adjustment for your child. We take numerous bathroom breaks during the afternoon. However, we know that accidents sometimes occur. If you feel like this might be a program for your child, please send a change of clothes to keep at the daycare.

9. CONTACTING THE AFTER SCHOOL DAY CARE PROGRAM: If you need to contact the after school day care program call 699-5050 ext. 126. Leave a message and we will get back to you after 2:30 PM.

10. SNACKS: Snacks and drinks are provided by the program so no additional money is needed.

11. BEHAVIOR/DISCIPLINE: Guidelines and rules for the daycare program are the same as the regular school program and will be explained to your child. If your child misbehaves, appropriate action will be taken. Minor offenses will result in time-out and parents will be informed. Major offenses will result in a warning letter or possible suspension from the program. If major offenses continue, your child will be removed from the program.