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Mootilda's Bad Mood This guided read aloud discusses how people can do things to feel better when you are in a bad mood and how to support your friends when they are in a bad mood. 

Anti Test Anxiety Society

The Anti-Test Anxiety Society: Here is a new read aloud discussing the topic of test anxiety. It reviews the Dynamic Dozen, 12 strategies for reducing test anxiety! 

This read aloud addresses feelings, coping skills, and acceptance with a few other little tid bits sprinkled in. 

This read alout addresses feelings, coping skills, and acceptance with a few other little tid bits sprinkled in. 

A lesson on kindness and compassion 

Just a Big Storm I discuss ways to be prepare for a hurricane, ways to handle your worries, and to keep a positive perspective (look for ways to make it fun)! 

It discusses particular feelings, how they feel in your body, how different people can experience feelings bigger than others and noticing and accepting those differences. 

A lesson focusing in on gratitude and being present 

A read aloud on finding balance with using electronics so you don't miss out on other important things. 

Wilma Jean the Worry Machine 

Wilma Jean the Worry Machine. The lesson is on recognizing worries, thinking about what you can control and not control, identifying some solutions to the worry so you can have a plan, and to talk to a trusted adult if you have worries. 

The Sour Grape This read aloud lesson focuses on good communication - recognizing when you are feeling upset and saying something about it, as well as being a good listener if someone is telling you something that upset them or to explain their side of things. 

Check Off Charts

Emotions Charts


Daily Reusable Chart

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Emotions Wheel


Weekly Check off Chart

Check off Jobs Chart-Weekly 1pg.pdf

social & Emotional mini lessons

Helpful Information

The 5 Safety Rules!

5 Safety Rules 19-20.pdf

Tips and Reminders for Self Care

Tips and Reminders for Self Care!

Steps for Handling Big Feelings

What To Do When You Have Big Feelings.pdf